Viral Videos of the Week

Take a break from the charts and get up to date with the week in viral videos. This time, we’ve got a dog eating a lemon, the Apple Watch, slick dance moves, and just what happens when you crack your knuckles…

1. Watch a dog eat a lemon

Find out what happened when a golden retriever tried a lemon for the first time. The funniest part is, even once he knows it doesn’t taste good, he just can’t help himself going back for more.

2. Watch a flight attendant dance to Uptown Funk

To entertain her passengers while they waited to take off, this breakdancer-turned-flight attendant showed off her best moves. Little did she know she’d be a viral sensation within days.

3. Watch Samsung’s touching advert

Where a whole neighbourhood learned sign language to give a deaf man one day with no barriers.

4. Watch the Apple Watch promo video

Because if you don’t know everything there is to know about the Apple Watch yet, you probably should.

5. Watch what happens when you crack your knuckles

One of life’s biggest mysteries, solved. If you’ve ever wondered, here’s the answer.

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