Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s Viral Videos: how is Daylight Saving Time still a thing, a new kind of cardio, Bach, the Jackson 5 and a bird’s eye view from the top of the Burj Khalifa…

1. Watch people wonder why Daylight Saving Time still exists

Have you ever wondered exactly what the point in turning the clock back an hour only to bring it forward an hour later in the year is? You’re not alone: watch this video to find out why John Oliver can’t believe Daylight Saving Time is still a thing. To put it simply – if it doesn’t benefit our energy bills, our health, or even stupid cows, then why do we need it?

2. Watch a treadmill dance

Surely the endless stream of Uptown Funk videos will end eventually. But not just yet – we’re back with another one. The latest fitness trend? Dancing on your treadmill. Don’t believe me? Just watch…

If you think you’d probably end up flat on your face if you attempted a treadmill dance (we’re with you on that one) try one of these new fitness trends instead. 

3. Watch Bach jam with the Jackson 5

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone mashed-up “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 and classical themes written by Bach? Probably not… but The Piano Guys have given us the answer anyway.

4. Watch an ‘eagle cam’ view of Dubai

Get a bird’s eye view from the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Conservation movement Freedom Conservation set a new world record for successfully flying an eagle equipped with a camera from the massive height (with a little help from a Sony Action Cam Mini, which recorded the view).

Looking for inspiration for places to take your ‘eagle cam’ (or just a normal camera) this summer? Check out our top travel spots for traders… 

5. Watch a sign language interpreter steal the show

Swedish sign language interpreter Tommy Krångh became an internet sensation after dancing and signing to pop singer Marcus Carlsson’s Eurovision entry attempt. His enthusiastic dance moves and committed performance led viewers to demand that Krångh join Sweden’s Eurovision entry on stage. Watch this space…

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