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Another Friday, another five of the best viral videos that have made a splash in the Youtube world this week. This time, we’ve got every Tom Hanks movie rolled into one 7-minute video, a spontaneous musical about beer and what James May said about Clarkson being sacked…

1. Watch every Tom Hanks movie in 7 minutes

On the Late Late Show, Tom Hanks and James Corden took on the challenge of recreating every film Hanks has ever been in in just 7 minutes. The Da Vinci Code, Toy Story, Forrest Gump – they’re all here…

None of them star Hanks, but if you haven’t seen our Best Trading Films of All Time yet, that’s your lazy weekend films sorted. 

2. Watch James May react to Clarkson being sacked

Sky News were on hand to capture what James May had to say just minutes after finding out his Top Gear co-star Jeremy Clarkson had been sacked by BBC… and the video has gone viral with over 2,000,000 people wanting to know May’s thoughts on the future of Top Gear.

We don’t know about what will happen next for Top Gear, but in the meantime, we’ve rounded up some Hot new cars from the North American International Auto Show to give you your automobile fix. 

3. Watch the worst parking job ever

A perfect demonstration of how not to park. Watch this silver sedan awkwardly force its way into an angled parking space – straight on. We wonder how the driver (Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, of Washington D.C. – yeah, she’s been named and shamed) would fare at parallel parking if that’s such an issue…

For more new cars (that we can only hope you’ll never do this to) check out our favourites from the Geneva Motor Show

4. Watch Beer! The Musical

Patrons at a New York City music hall were in for a surprise when NYC improv group Improv Everywhere rocked up and turned the bar into a stage, complete with singing, drumming on kegs and even backflips…

We love beer (almost) as much as this lot… we haven’t made up a song about it, but we have picked out our new faves in Top 10 New Beers to Try

5. Watch how to make your office cool

We love Magic Leap’s virtual reality office game (in fact, we kind of want one for any quiet trading spells… hours of fun).

For lots more new office equipment and gadgets to make your work days cooler and more fun, check out Best Office Equipment and Gadgets

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