Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s best viral videos there are guards who can’t stay upright, rockets landing in the middle of the sea, embarrassing ringtones, unfortunate haircuts and a great example of why it’s never over until it’s over…

1. Watch a Queen’s Guard take a tumble

Think you’ve had a bad day? Spare a thought for the Buckingham Palace guard who had to maintain his composure after slipping over in front of hundreds of tourists (and probably knowing evidence would find its way to YouTube, where even more people would watch it – 1.5 million to date, to be precise). He takes it like a champ, though…

2. Watch a dog come home with an unfortunate haircut

We’ve all experienced the horror that is returning from the hairdresser’s with a well-meaning but unfortunate cut that guarantees our mates won’t let us live it down until it grows out. Stains knows how you feel. His owner asked his groomer for “a lion cut” – and it didn’t quite go to plan…

3. Watch a runner get carried away

Convinced he’s got the race in the bag, the Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot slows down to celebrate his win and prompt the crowd to cheer – only to be pipped at the post by Washington’s Meron Simon. Epic. Fail. Did no-one ever tell him about the tortoise and the hare?!

4. Watch a rocket (almost) land itself on a barge

One of the week’s most popular videos with over 2 million views to date was this attempt by Space X to land a CRS-6 unmanned launch module on a floating barge in the middle of the ocean. It very nearly went to plan…

5. Watch the reason why you should never have an embarrassing ringtone

No further explanation needed.

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