Viral Videos of the Week

It’s that time again to round up our favourite Viral Videos of the Week, from hilarious parodies to viral superstars.

This week, we’ve got the latest John Lewis Christmas advert (tissues at the ready), a hilarious (and slightly cruel) Halloween candy prank, a disastrous attempt at making sparkling wine and a typical business meeting…

1. Watch this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert

Well, Halloween is over, Bonfire Night is done and dusted – face it, even the biggest of Scrooges can’t escape the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. And just to remind us of that fact, John Lewis released their annual Christmas advert this week, starring Monty the Penguin – and it’s already gone viral.

Hands up who secretly wants a Monty?

2. Watch some serious tantrums

Hell hath no fury like a child whose sweets have been stolen… as these parents found out. They played a prank on their children, pretending they’d eaten all their Halloween candy – and as you might imagine, the kids weren’t too happy about it. It’s probably a little on the cruel side but the video’s racked up over 11,000,000 views, so clearly it’s what the internet likes.

Top marks to┬áthe parents of the little girl who said “That’s okay, we’ll get some more next time”.

3. Watch a woman who’s (really, really) scared of spiders

Smartphones can do a lot of things these days… even trick your pals into thinking you’ve put a spider in their hands. And it didn’t go down too well with this unsuspecting victim, whose reaction won’t be what you’re expecting. Almost 1,000,000 people have watched (and probably laughed at) this spider prank video…

For other (probably more useful) uses for your smartphone, check out our favourite tech and apps for traders here.

4. Watch a sparkling wine Soda Stream attempt

Noah tried to make his dad some sparkling wine with a Soda Stream, with catastrophic effects… We won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say that the almost 1,000,000 people who’ve watched the video will never try to make sparkling wine using a Soda Stream.

5. Watch a typical business meeting

Featuring the weak leader, the one who’s always late, the one who’s obsessed with keeping time and the one who finds a problem in every idea…

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