Viral Videos of the Week

Our top picks of this week’s Viral Videos include a plane that won’t start, Ferrari wake boarding and a shih tzu dressed up as a teddy bear. Enjoy!

1. Watch passengers push a frozen plane

Ah, the winter commute. Frozen windscreens, empty bottles of de-icer, Tube delays, trains as hot as saunas… but before you complain, spare a thought for the 70 passengers on Russian flight Tu-134 who had to get out and PUSH the plane after it froze to the runway in  temperatures of -46 degrees centigrade (yes, you read that right). It looks a little bit harder than digging your next door neighbour’s car out of the snow…

2. Watch the new Jurassic Park trailer

The just-revealed trailer for the much anticipated next instalment in the Jurassic Park saga is far and away the most viewed video of the week, racking up over 11,000,000 views in the first 24 hours. Watch the Jurassic World trailer here:

3. Watch a wakeboarder pulled by a Ferrari

There’s a new sport, and it’s pretty cool. This video of daredevil surfer Jorge Gill shows the wakeboarder being pulled along a roadside river by a bright yellow Ferrari F50 driving at 84mph. But don’t try this at home (even if you have a Ferrari in the garage…) – Jorge is the two-time European wake boarding champion, so he probably knows what he’s doing.

4. Watch Thanksgiving leftover hacks

This one is especially for our US readers… if you’re wondering what to with your Thanksgiving leftovers, and too busy in a Black Friday shopping frenzy to spend time cooking, here are 5 genius ideas to use up your leftover Thanksgiving dinner:

5. Watch a teddy bear exercise

And we’ll leave you with this hilariously adorable video of a shih tzu dressed up as a teddy bear running on a treadmill. Have a great weekend everyone!

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