Viral Videos of the Week

We’re back with the best Viral Videos of the first week of 2015: including how not to fix your computer, an impressive cycling feat and some crazy dance moves, an emu causing traffic havoc and a pig failing at ice skating…

1. Watch a grandad “fix” a computer with a hairdryer

Jeremy Hernandez didn’t predict that his grandfather was about to become a global Internet sensation when he complained to him about his computer being “frozen”.

But when he returned to find his kind-hearted grandad determinedly attempting to thaw the frozen computer by blasting it with a hairdryer, he could’t resist capturing it on video for our entertainment. And the hilarious video amassed a whopping 5,000,000 views in less than a week.

We’ve picked out the Best New Technology for Traders in 2015 – but please, please promise us you won’t take a hairdryer to them…

2. Watch a man balance a gas canister on his head while cycling

…just because he can.

Lots of us have started a new January fitness regime, but this man took things to the next level by cycling while balancing a gas canister on his head. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but he proves to have impressive skill at tackling the feet, even managing to remain upright while waiting at a junction without putting his feet down (we can’t even do that without the gas canister…)

 Forget gas canisters: these are the Cycling Gadgets you need for a great bike ride. 

3. Watch the best wedding dance ever

Forget the bride and groom’s first dance – the most memorable dance at this wedding was performed by six-year-old Harlan. While the rest of the wedding dance to a jazz rendition Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, the nephew of the married couple perfected his signature move. The rest of the wedding seem fairly oblivious to his incredible moves, but almost 1 million people have watched “the Harlan Shake” on Youtube. Watch and learn…

The Harlan Shake will definitely give you a kick-start on your January fitness regime, but for tricks to keep fit from your office (without everyone thinking you’ve gone mad) check out our 7 Ways to Keep Fit in the Busy Trading Week

4. Watch an emu run a red light

Motorway chaos is often the basis of the best viral videos, and here’s a good one for you. This emu caused a spot of bother for unsuspecting drivers after running down the middle of the motorway and failing to abide by the traffic rules, running straight through a red light. It narrowly avoids being hit by four different cars, but continues on its journey, seeming oblivious to the chaos it left in its wake. Someone’s in a hurry…

5. Watch a pig ice skate

And finally, we’re going to leave you with this spectacular video of a pig attempting to walk on ice. Because, frankly, if this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. Enjoy!

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