Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s round up of the viral videos that have got the internet talking (and watching) there’s a self-walking, bus-riding dog, Ford’s newest super car, the latest hilarious prank and a moving impromptu John Lennon sing-along…

1. Watch a dog take herself for walkies

Black lab bull mastiff Eclipse was fed up of waiting for her owner to take her to the dog park… so she’s taken matters into her own hands and started riding solo, and it’s made her an internet sensation.

2. Watch the new 2017 Ford GT in action

Ford’s new 600 horsepower super car was launched this week at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show: and it’s impressive stuff. The all-new GT is a technology showcase for top EcoBoost performance, aerodynamics and lightweight carbon fiber construction – and apparently Jeremy Clarkson has already ordered one, so it’s no wonder the launch video has gone viral.

3. Watch lava pouring into the ocean

This footage has been on the internet for two years but has only just gone viral with over 1,000,000 views. Somehow (don’t ask us how, we have no idea) the cameraperson managed to right up to the spot where molten lava was spilling into the ocean in the Hawaii – and the results are amazing.

4. Watch a man get into random cars

Prankster Yousef came up with the idea for this hilarious video after accidentally getting into the wrong car after booking an Uber cab. He decided to get into random people’s car and film the driver’s reactions – and the idea was a good one, he’s since racked up over 1,000,000 views.

5. Watch millions sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ at Charlie Hebdo Unity March

Our last viral video of the week is a little more serious. Millions of people took to the streets of Paris this week to honour the 17 victims of the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks. French Youtube Lam Hua played John Lennon’s classic song Imagine out of his Paris window – and the crowd below sang along. Very moving.


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