Viral Videos of the Week

Time for our weekly round-up of the latest videos that have become viral internet sensations! This week, we’ve got incredible bowling feats, lucky near misses and an octopus playing hide and seek…

1. Watch a (very, very) near miss

As a falling boulder misses a passing car by approximately 1mm. The driver of this car is probably the luckiest person in the world.

2. Watch Italian grandma get a strike

…on her first ever attempt at bowling. Beginner’s luck?!

3. Watch an octopus play hide and seek

Can you spot the octopus?

If you’re wondering how it works, we Googled it for you. This type of octopus can “learn” its surrounding world and change the colour and structure of its skin to match its environment. Pretty cool…

4. Watch a cat dig its way out of a snow drift

Storms, snow and crazy weather have been causing all sorts of trouble in the last couple of weeks. And this video of Rudiger the cat digging his way out of his front door pretty much sums up how we feel about it.

5. Watch a barbershop quartet cheer up a plane delay

And last but not least are the barbershop quartet who were enlisted by air stewardesses to entertain their fellow passengers when their plane was delayed on the runway. They delivered – and their impromptu performance has now been watched by over 3,000,000 people on Youtube…

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