Viral Videos of the Week

In Viral Videos of the Week, we pick out all the viral internet sensations that have got people talking this week. Expect dancing granddads, crazy new tech developments, epic fails and of course the occasional cat video…

This week in viral videos, watch a guy accidentally take a trip by private jet, how to do buffets right and 100 years of cars…

1. Watch a guy accidentally travel by private jet

We all know that moment of triumph when you take your seat on a plane only to find that the seat next to you is empty, so you can stretch out and enjoy the journey in (relative) comfort. So image how this guy felt when he got on the plane to find that he was the only passenger…

2. Watch a robot solve a Rubik’s cube in 1 second flat

If you’ve got your eye on the Rubik’s cube world record, don’t count on beating a robot any time soon. This robot can solve a traditional 3×3 cube in just a smidgen over one second. Pretty impressive stuff.

3. Watch 100 years of cars

A little bit of nostalgia for you in this viral video – see how cars have evolved over the last 100 years. Who knows what’s coming in the next 100…

4. Watch how to do buffets right

Genius. That is all.

5. Watch a veteran turn his motorised wheelchair into a snowplough

There are people who let bad things in life get them down. Then there are people like this chap, who make the best of every situation. High five.

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