Viral Videos of the Week

In Viral Videos of the Week, we pick out all the viral internet sensations that have got people talking this week. Expect dancing granddads, crazy new tech developments, epic fails and of course the occasional cat video…

In this week’s Viral Videos: quantum chess, a baby snowboarder, two guys sneak into a cinema, a snowball machine gun and more celebrity carpools…

1. Watch Paul Rudd challenge Stephen Hawking to quantum chess 

Apparantly, quantum chess makes it possible for anyone to get to grips with quantum mechanics, previously the preserve of the super-intelligent. Let’s see how that goes…

2. Watch Chris Martin’s carpool with James Corden

Top of every Viral Video list recently has been James Corden’s series of celebrity carpools. Here’s the latest instalment with Chris Martin…

3. Watch two guys sneak into a cinema

Problem: one cinema ticket, two guys. Solution? Dress up as one fat guy and both sneak in in one set of clothing. While collecting video evidence, of course.

4. Watch a baby snowboarder hit the slopes

Sloan Henderson, future Olympian. You heard it here first.

5. Watch how to make a snowball machine gun

The fun we’d have had with this if we’d seen this video back when we were fifteen… (Who are we kidding… it’s still pretty awesome.)

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