Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s viral videos, watch dancing traffic lights, five-year old strong men, Oculus Rift-based confusion, underwater smartphones and the trailer for Taken 3…

1. Watch the new dancing traffic light

Nobody likes waiting at a red light to cross the road, especially when they’re in a hurry. And this has made pedestrian traffic lights the most dangerous spot on the roads, with harried walkers dashing across the road in between gaps in the traffic.

So Smart Car have tried to solve this problem – by making traffic lights more entertaining. They filmed volunteers in real time to create a dancing red man to replace the static red man that usually gives the ‘Wait’ signal to pedestrians who want to cross. What do you think? Would a dancing red light make you more inclined to stop and wait? Or just get on your nerves? Watch the video below to find out…

2. Watch mini strongman do 90 degree push ups

Five-year-old Claudio Stroe became an internet sensation this week after over 1,000,000 people viewed a video of him performing push-ups. Not just your regular push-up, though, but an incredible 90 degree version that sees the little boy literally lift his entire body off the floor. And I can barely do a normal push-up…

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3. Watch the trailer for Taken 3

Hands up who’s excited for the next instalment of the action-packed trilogy starring Liam Neeson? Nearly two and a half million people have already watched the trailer – so before anyone spoils it for you, take a look now…

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4. Watch a phone be opened underwater

One of the new Sony Xperia Z3’s main USPs is the fact that it’s waterproof… ideal for anyone who can’t take a bath or go for a swim without their smartphone in tow. And just to prove that the waterproof claims are genuine, Carphone Warehouse unboxed the phone and showed off its impressive features, all while underwater (and clad in scuba-diving gear). Well, it’s one way to check the waterproofing works – and it’s attracted three quarters of a million viewers, which isn’t bad either.

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5. Watch the best reaction to the Oculus Rift

In what should probably be included in a warning video with every Oculus Rift, a security hilariously demonstrated just how convincing the Oculus Rift’s virtual reality can be. Fortunately (for us and the other 1.2 million people who have viewed the video) it was all caught on camera for our entertainment. Happy Friday guys!

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