Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s Viral Videos of the week, watch the biggest water bomb you’ve ever seen, a very scary scarecrow, a kangaroo boxing match and a genius way to breakdance (no skill necessary)…

1. Watch the world’s biggest water bomb

A collision between a grader and a transport truck on the Trans-Labrador Highway in Canada left authorities with a problem as the lorry burst into flames – miles from any fire service or fire hydrant. Luckily, both drivers had already escaped the wreckage safely, but the fire still needed to be put out, and quickly.

The solution? A plane dumped the world’s biggest water balloon containing gallons of water over the fire. You have to see it to believe it…

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2. Watch a kangaroo boxing match

Boxer Anthony Joshua was crowned WBC International Heavyweight Champion last Saturday – but it might have been a whole different story if these two rough and ready kangaroos had joined the action.

Watch them “take it outside” in this video which has gone viral since it was posted a week ago. The video shows the two kangaroos throwing punches and swinging high kicks. Who would you bet on for next year’s champ?

3. Watch a meteor light up Brazil

A meteor crossed the Brazilian city of Recife on Wednesday at around 10pm, illuminating the sky with multicoloured light. And some quick thinking spectators captured it on video to share with the rest of the world…

If you prefer your meteors on your wrist, you need a Senturion bracelet.


4. Watch a genius breakdancing technique

If you’ve always wanted to be able to breakdance, but don’t have the time, effort or inclination to train, this video will show you an ingenious technique for learning to break dance in under one minute. All you need is a hoodie and a helmet…

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5. Watch a really, really scary scarecrow

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start being on your guard so you don’t get caught out by silly pranks. Like the people in this video, who were surprised when a friendly-looking scarecrow scared more than just the crows…

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