Viral Videos of the Week: Christmas Special

For this week’s Viral Videos of the Week, we’ve gone for a festive theme – cats and Christmas trees, wrapping tips, epic light shows, acts of goodwill and Christmas carols are all here in the best viral videos of the week…

1. Watch Cats vs. Christmas Trees

1 minute and 24 seconds of reasons why you should never leave a cat unattended with your painstakingly decorated Christmas tree.

2. Watch how to wrap a present in 12 seconds

It turns out we’ve been doing it wrong all this time. This will save you some time (and Sellotape). But our preferred method of wrapping is still “get mum to do it”.

3. Watch the world’s best Christmas light show

Weeks of preparation and some serious teamwork went into this impressive Christmas light show, which stretches across 14 houses. We wouldn’t like to be paying the electricity bill…

4. Watch Lowell police Christmas surprise traffic stop

These unsuspecting drivers were in for a shock when they got pulled by the police… and another shock when they walked away not with a ticket, but with a Christmas surprise. ‘Tis the season of goodwill and all that…

5. Watch Christmas carolling done right

Going carolling this year? Don’t forget to take your 13-person choir and a 20-member brass orchestra with you…

Happy holidays folks!

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