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The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle is your preview into what’s coming up in our SPEND section this week. SPEND is all about keeping you up to date with the latest cars, fashion, gadgets, events – basically, all your favourite distractions from the trading screen. And don’t forget to check out @LFXJamesWeek Ahead: Trading Outlook for everything you need to look out for this week in trading.  

This week, we’re getting back on track with our fitness routines, buying Mother’s Day presents and keeping up with the latest news and viral videos. Read on to get involved…


Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 20.32.04If your fitness regime went out of the window over the weekend (or the last week, or the last month…) worry not!

Our guide to the new trends and gadgets that are hitting the fitness world in 2015 will get you back in shape in no time. From the latest wearable tech and weight programs to cardio routines and crazy time-saving gadgets, it’s all here. Get those trainers ready…


Mother’s Day is coming up very soon! (It’s this Sunday, but you knew that already, right?) In Tuesday’s LFX Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Edition, we’re rounding up all the best gifts to show your mum how much she means to you… and they’re all available at the click of a button, so you won’t have to venture away from the charts for too long.


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.08.39On Wednesday, we’ll be sharing the product or gadget that’s got LFX HQ talking this week in the latest Littlefish Loves feature – and that’s all we can tell you ’til then, it’s top secret for now.

But in the meantime, you can check out last week’s Littlefish Loves and find out why we love Ikea’s wireless charging furniture and how it will de-clutter your trading desk forever.


On Thursday, we’ll be bringing you the latest in our business advice series – how to stay healthy at work. From how to sit correctly and how to avoid eye strain from staring at those charts to how to avoid drinking nothing but coffee, we’ve got simple tips that will stop your busy trading days from draining your health.


Friday afternoons are all about slacking off while reading the latest hilarious news stories to relay in the pub later and watching the latest viral videos of cats, babies and bad dancing. So to help you out, we’ll be picking out the best weird news stories from around the world in Five Lessons Learnt This Weekand selecting the five best vids that have taken the internet by storm in Viral Videos of the Week

If you missed last week’s, click here to find out why ‘Spocking’ bank notes for the Canadians in trouble last week and here to watch GEICO Insurance’s genius unskippable advert.

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And that’s it from us (for now, anyway). Have a great week all! 

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