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The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle is your preview into what’s on this week in our SPEND section and everything that’s going on away from the charts over the next few days. SPEND is all about keeping you up to date with the latest cars, gadgets, fashion, events and all your favourite distractions from the trading screens.

Plus, don’t forget to check out @LFXJames‘ Week Ahead: Trading Outlook where he’ll be giving you the lowdown on what’s on this week in the trading world and the key risk events you need to know about. 


Find out what’s on this week in Trader Lifestyle: get productivity tips from the pros, check out the latest cool gadgets for traders and yes, it’s finally time to give in and start your Christmas shopping, but we’ve made it totally stress-free with our handy LFX Guide…


workingWe’re heading into the busiest time of year – a frenzy of parties, decorating, present buying, trading and taking care of important business that needs wrapping up before the year end.

So what better time to let you in on a few productivity secrets from people who get stuff done.

These tips will help you be one of those smug people who breeze through December without a trace of panic on their faces (well, maybe. We’re not miracle workers).


Wednesday means time for our weekly Littlefish Loves feature, where we pick out our favourite product of the week. It could be a brand spanking new car release, a crazy invention or a time-saving gadget… stay tuned to see what’s got us talking this week!

If you missed last week’s feature on the Buffalo Icecycle, aka the ultimate winter trading toy, check it out here.


shoppingHappy Thanksgiving to our US traders! And happy “it’s-officially-time-to-stop-dodging-the-shops” to everyone. The day after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday” – the biggest Christmas shopping day of the year. So it’s time to bring you our annual LFX Christmas Gift Guide.

From presents for your mum to the best corporate gifts, we’ve got something for everyone on your list. And the best part is, they’re all available online, so you don’t even have to leave your trading desk to battle through the queues. Sit back, relax, grab an extra-large coffee and get all your shopping sorted in one fell swoop. Christmas shopping, as it should be done.


On Friday, it’s time to wind down from another busy trading week – so grab a cup of coffee and get up to date with the latest weird and wonderful news from around the world in Five Lessons Learnt This WeekThen check out the latest Youtube sensations in Viral Videos of the Week

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