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The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle is your sneak preview into what you can expect from our Trader Lifestyle section this week, keeping you up to date on tech, fashion, sports, cars, events and all your favourite distractions from the trading screen. And don’t forget @LFXJames has got all your upcoming events on the trading side covered in his Week Ahead: Trading Outlook.

This week, we’re counting down to the Christmas break with Traders’ Christmas Bingo, voting for our favourites in the Fishies and shaking off the winter blues by planning next year’s holidays…


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.26.15It’s Monday… but it’s also the last full working week of 2014! Start counting down to the Christmas break with our Traders’ Christmas Bingo (Has anyone ticked off ‘tackle paperwork mountain’ yet? No, us neither.)

And if you’re not quite feeling full of festive cheer this morning, read our Traders’ Guide to Surviving the Festive Season. It has tips on everything from not making a fool of yourself at the office party to how not to murder your relatives over Boxing Day Monopoly – and it’ll hopefully give you a Monday morning giggle if you’re feeling a bit Bah Humbug!


On Tuesday, shake off the winter blues by planning next year’s holidays. If you’re hitting the slopes, check out our guide to the best ski resorts for traders, and if you’re off too sunnier climes we’ve got seven places we’d rather be than our desks.


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.24.49On Wednesday, we’re going to be doing a round-up of the best of our Littlefish Loves series so far, picking our favourites from our weekly pick of the latest cool product, gadget, car or place.

Plus, if you haven’t voted for your favourites from Five Lessons Learnt This Week in this year’s Fishies: the nominees, now is your chance – just tweet @LFXKatie or @LittlefishFX with your nominations.


On Thursday it’s time to wrap up your Christmas shopping – only a week to go! Luckily we’ve got our LFX Christmas Gift Guide to help you out, and if you’re still in need of a Secret Santa present for the office, we’ve got a guide for that too. Happy shopping!


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 09.56.33This Friday we’re putting a festive twist on our weekly Five Lessons Learnt This Week and Viral Videos of the Week with Five Christmas Lessons Learnt and Viral Videos of the Week: Christmas Special – our pick of the best festive videos and news stories with a holiday twist. Stay tuned!

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And that’s it from us! Have a great week everyone…

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