Weirdest Guinness World Records

To celebrate Guinness World Record Day, we’re taking a look at some of the most weird and wonderful world records out there (we can’t even begin to imagine why people would attempt some of them).

From balancing spoons and overgrown fingernails to rubber duck collections, it’s all here…

Longest fingernails

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Image Credit: Guinness World Records

Okay, we’re kicking off with what is without doubt one of the weirdest records we came across… the longest fingernails on any human, ever.

They look like something out of a horror film, but these impressive talons actually belonged to American Melvin Boothe, and were measured in 2009 to have a combined length of 9.85m or 32 ft 3.8in. His longest single fingernail was that of his left thumb, which measured an unbelievable 114.3 cm, while his shortest fingernail belonged to the little finger of his right hand at 88 cm.

Most spoons balanced on the face

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Image Credit: Guinness World Records

Balancing a spoon on the end of your nose might be everyone’s favourite party trick, but Dalibor Jablanovic from Sweden is the king of spoon-balancing and would definitely make sitting round the dinner table that bit more entertaining.

His record, set on 28th September 2013, involved balancing an impressive 31 spoons on his face, utilising his forehead, ears, eyes and cheekbones in addition to the standard end-of-nose trick. We’re trying to figure out whether he actually has a magnetic face, or just far too much time on his hands…

Highest altitude financial transaction

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.14.46 The highest altitude financial transaction on record was a land tax payment of 616 Russian roubles (about £11 or US$18), transferred electronically by cosmonaut Pavel Vingradov from his personal account to the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

The payment was transferred from the International Space Station while it was orbiting at an altitude of 419 km, or 260.35 miles, and took place on the 22 April 2013. Anyone fancy doing some Forex trading from space?

Largest collection of rubber ducks

Image Credit: Guinness World Records
Image Credit: Guinness World Records

American Charlotte Lee has the world’s biggest collection of rubber ducks at a whopping 5,631 (no, we’ve got no idea where she keeps them all either). Her collection includes a cowboy duck, a Statue of Liberty duck, a devil duck, sailor ducks, baby ducks and ducks of various different colours and patterns.

Charlotte has been collecting rubber ducks since 1996 and set her record on 10 April 2011, so we dread to think how many more rubber ducks she’s amassed since…

Fastest time to enter a suitcase

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Image Credit: Guinness World Records

Okay, we’ve all joked about hopping in a friend’s suitcase when they’re jetting off somewhere exotic without us. But it’s probably a genuinely a possibility for American Leslie Tipton, who can zip herself into a suitcase in a super-speedy 5.43 seconds – so fast that airport staff would never know she’d been there.

Leslie set her record live on the LIVE! with Regis and Kelly show in New York on the 14 September 2009. It’s unknown whether she travelled to the show in a suitcase or not, but we kind of hope she did.

Tallest mohican

Image Credit
Image Credit

The world’s tallest mohican haircut belongs to Japanese designer Kazuhiro Watanabe, and stands at 3 ft 8.6 inches (are we the only ones wondering how on earth he gets through doorways?!)

Watanabe’s mohawk takes a team of stylists, three canisters of hairspray and a bottle of hair gel to shape – and when it’s not styled, it reaches his knees. He says it’s too expensive to style his hair every day, so he only gels it up for special occasions and parties.

It’s taken Watanabe 15 years to grow his hair long enough to form the impressive mohawk – and if you ask him why he decided to grow his hair that long, his answer is “because I really wanted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records”. Fair enough – mission accomplished. There’s just one problem – his 10 year old daughter is determined to beat his record one day…

Longest time spent in direct, full body contact with snow

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This dubious feat involves being fully submerged in snow for as long as possible, and this chap came up with an excellent distraction to help him bear the cold – drinking beer and eating. Jim Songhao (pictured) set the Guinness World Record in 2011 after sitting in the snow for 46 minutes and seven seconds.

He’s since been pipped to the post by Ukrainian Oleksiy Gutsulyak who spent 60 minutes and 8 seconds in full body contact with snow on the 25th January 2013. But he didn’t drink beer while doing it, so we liked this picture better.

Most eggs balanced by an individual

Image Credit
Image Credit

They can probably just go ahead and rename this one “Most patient man on earth”. American Ashrita Furman spent twelve hours getting 888 eggs to balance on the 12th June 2012, setting a world record for most eggs ever balanced by an individual.

Amazingly, Furman has set 500 Guinness World Records since 1979 and currently holds over 200. His list includes most games of hopscotch completed in 24 hours, fastest time for a skipping marathon, longest time spent underwater hula hooping and fastest mile walking on shovels as sticks. Can we add him to our list of Littlefish Legendsplease?!

Largest single trading floor

trading-floorWell, we had to include this one, didn’t we. The largest single trading floor in the world is financial service firm UBS’s Connecticut premises, which measures in at a whopping 125m (410 ft) long by 69m (227 ft) wide, or 93,070 sq ft. It’s home to 1,400 traders and 5,000 computers, and see 126,000 transactions per day with an average value of $399 billion. How would you fancy setting up your trading desk there?

You can find lots more weird world records here – let us know your favourites by tweeting @LFXKatie.

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