The World’s Craziest Drive-Thrus

To celebrate Thursday’s National Drive-Thru day, we’re looking at the most unexpected services you can access without having to leave your car in The World’s Craziest Drive-Thrus. We’re sure you already knew you could get a fast-food fix from the driver’s seat, but did you know you can also get married, attend a funeral and do your weekly food shop?

The Drive-Thru Liquor Store

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It sounds a little too close to drink driving, but drive-thru liquor stores serving everything from wine and beer to frozen margaritas are legal in several US states. The Landing Liquor Store in Ladner, Canada has a drive-thru liquor store that’s open 365 days a year where you can buy imported wines, spirits, ciders and beers. Just make sure you wait till you’re home safe before you open them.

The Drive-Thru Funeral Home

Nobody enjoys funerals, which is why in Farmville, Virginia, you can now pay your respects to deceased loved ones without ever leaving your car. Carl Eggleston was the mastermind behind Oliver and Eggleston’s new innovation- a drive-thru window displaying the deceased, along with details of the time and venue of their funeral service. He’s not the only one to offer the unusual service- you can also opt for a drive-thru funeral service at the Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Los Angeles.

 The Drive-Thru Tree

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On California’s Redwood Coast, you can get your dose of nature without stepping out into the fresh air by driving through a tree. Until 1969, you could drive through a tree without even leaving the highway, but unfortunately the Giant Sequoia fell in 1969, so you’ll have to venture a little further out to find a tree drive-thru today.

The Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel

If a organizing a wedding just sounds like too much hassle, A Little White Chapel’s drive-thru wedding package might appeal. Situated in Las Vegas, the chapel also offers packages including a courtesy limousine to go through the drive-thru in style, as well as a package for bikers. Only in Vegas…

The Drive-Thru Library

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Too busy to return your library books? Well you can avoid those late fees at Kanawha County Public Library, Charleston, where you can drop off your library books at a drive-thru window while you’re on the go. If you call beforehand, you can even reserve items that’ll be ready at the window for you to pick up when you arrive.

The Drive-Thru Supermarket

Okay, so a lot of these unusual drive-thrus can only be found Stateside. But for our UK readers, you can make the weekly shop a little bit easier by making use of the Sainsbury’s drive-thru service that is currently being trialed in Manchester. Essentially, all you have to do is place on online order and pull up at the supermarket, where your groceries will be loaded into you car without you even having to get out. The store also offers a personal shopping service and relaxation area, so you can hand your list over to a member of staff who’ll sort out your bread and milk while you surf the web or have a coffee. We like this idea a lot…

The Coffee and Donut Drive-Thru

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Another drive-thru service available in the UK is a way to get your caffeine and sugar fix on the go at Starbucks and Krispy Kreme donut drive-thrus. There are currently 7 Krispy Kreme drive-thrus while Starbucks are in the process of introducing 200 drive-thru stores, and at some sites (like the Metrocentre, Gateshead) they’re conveniently located right next to each other so you don’t have to go far to get a caramel macchiato to go with your donut of choice.

The Drive-Thru Lawyer’s

Kocian Law Firm in California operates a drive-thru legal service manned by paralegals who hand out documents and answer customers’ questions. The idea came about when they moved into a new premises- an old Kenny Rogers Roasters building- and decided to keep the drive-thru window. Would you like fries with that lawsuit?

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