A Quick Guide To: ATR Boundaries

What Is It?

  • An Indicator automatically displaying on your chart the Average True Range as a visual boundary around price, with an upper and lower limit

Best Thing About It

  • Over a 20 year test the ATR contained price action 80% of the time
  • Works on all time frames, with adjustable period settings displaying the average true range for the time frame selected
  • Offers powerful swing trading opportunities on higher time frames
  • Can overlay higher time frame ATR boundaries on to lower time frame price action for powerful intra-day trading opportunities
  • Fantastic tool for use in stop placement and profit targets

What Does It Look Like?


  • The orange bands around price are the ATR boundaries. You can see highlighted areas where price tested the ATR boundaries and reversed sharply.  
  • The regular ATR indicator is included in the sub-chart. As you can see, ATR boundaries is far more effective for trading than using the regular ATR indicator.

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