Best Of Littlefish FX Forex Webinars

These webinars reflect the sort of content we cover in our Forex Trading Course but also discuss subjects that we’ve been asked to cover by some of our Littlefish FX readers.Here, in no particular order, are the top LFX Forex webinars…

1. Currency Cross Pair Analysis

Video Summary

  • What is currency cross pair analysis?
  • How to conduct cross pair analysis
  • How this analysis can be useful in you trading
  • Recent cross pair trade review

2. Support & Resistance 

Video Summary

  • What is support and resistance?
  • How order flow creates support and resistance
  • Shifting nature of support & resistance
  • How you can use support & resistance
  • Tools for identifying support & resistance

3. Trading Patience & Discipline

Video Summary

  • Using the correct software
  • Assessing market structure
  • Finding the correct candles to draw from
  • Finding the correct trend lines
  • Trend line trading methods

4. Breakout Trading 

Video Summary

  • What is breakout trading?
  • How to identify the range
  • Trading breakouts
  • Entry considerations
  • Further breakout trading methods
  • Tools that can help you trade breakouts
  • Further strategy examples

5. Stochastics & MACD 

Video Summary

  • What are Stochastics
  • Stochastics trading methods
  • What is the MACD
  • MACD trading methods
  • How to combine Stochastics & MACD

6. Building A Trading Journal

Video Summary

  • Key areas to include in your journal
  • The benefits of keeping a trading journal

7.Trading JPY Pairs

Video Summary

  • Japanese fiscal policy
  • USDJPY & Using USD index
  • Referencing other pairs
  • Speed of movement & Asian session movement
  • News aspect
  • Nikkei, equities & BOJ

8. Examining RSI 

Video Summary 

  • What is the RSI indicator?
  • Basic RSI trading methods
  • Advanced RSI trading methods
  • Pros & cons of the indicator
  • Live chart analysis

9. Trading With Pivot Points

Video Summary

  • What are pivot points?
  • How to calculate pivot points
  • Using pivot points in your trading

So there they are, the best LFX Forex Webinars. If you enjoyed the content and the topics covered and would like to learn more about any of them or similar subjects then definitely check out our Forex Trading Course which covers absolutely everything you need to succeed in Forex trading.