Developing Hedge Fund Systems Using NinjaTrader: Webinar Part 3

In the final section of his three-part series on automated trading strategies, Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry progresses from discussing the pitfalls of curve-fitted systems and the impact of slippage and volume, to talking about what you must consider when designing a system for yourself, vs designing it for others. He also touches upon how to go about proving your concepts work.

The following topics will be covered during the event:

  • Designing for yourself vs others
    • What metrics are key?
    • Consistency over total return
    • Scalability
  • USP and why it works
  • Proving the concept
    • Using NT market replay to simulate a live environment

Watch Sam’s webinar below

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Want to put a question to Sam ahead of the webinar? Catch him on twitter at @LFXSam