LFX Analyst James Harte’s Interview With Desiretotrade.com

As well as running a popular series of webinar for bunch of our partners James also recently took some time to take part in an interview with Etienne Crete of desiretotrade.com, a fantastic website running a hosting of interviews with leading traders and other industry professionals.

Topics covered in the 30 minute interview include:

  • How James’ dad influenced him to go into Forex trading
  • How James trades both swing and intraday
  • What currency pairs James trades and how he manages the risk
  • How James uses the news as a Forex day trader
  • What happens when you start to take profits early…and how to fix it.
  • The critical thing trader need to work on
    • It has to do with adapting to various situations.
  • How James would go about getting started in trading
    • i.e what he teaches.
  • And much more!

To listen to the website you can go directly to the recording here.