Trend Trading With MACD & Order Flow: MetaStock webinar

Watch James Harte run through using MACD & Order Flow to trade with trends…

From a risk:reward perspective, traders should always be looking to trade with the overall trend, creating as much room for profit as possible.

However, many traders struggle with establishing the trend: they get confused looking at different timeframes, they get too specific drawing trend lines, they’re using the wrong indicators to identify trend or they just simply haven’t spent enough time learning how to establish the trend on their charts themselves.

Then there is the issue with entry to the trend. For the traders who have learned to identify the trend, they then find that they struggle with capturing the moves they anticipate. A number of issues can be hindering them here but usually they fall into two categories: using stops that are too tight and not picking high-probability entry points

In this webinar for MetaStock, FX Analyst James Harte going to take a look at a really great method for helping you identify the trend and better yet, how to gain entry and capture big moves with reduced risk.

Note: The event was held for Metastock and so was run using their platform in the presentation, however MACD is available on all trading platforms and the Order Flow Trader used is also available on MT4 & NinjaTrader so the methods used in the video are applicable to other platforms in exactly the same way. Our Order Flow Trader Indicator is available for all three platforms as part of our Forex Trading Course here.

Watch the webinar below


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