Basic Quantitative Systems – for Everyone. Littlefish FX & NinjaTrader Webinar

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry hosted a NinjaTrader webinar on the Best Quantitative Systems – For Everyone…

Our very own @LFXSam hosted a webinar over on NinjaTrader recently, discussing some of the most basic quantitative systems we use at Littlefish FX to trade millions every day, and how you can use some of these techniques yourself!

You might think “black box” trading or quant trading is difficult, or that you need to use hundreds of complex tools, but you may be surprised to find out the truth…

Sam’s webinar below covers:

  • An introduction to the quantitative systems and techniques that quants use
  • An exploration of some basic trend following strategies
  • Some basic rules for building automated trading systems – and the traps and pitfalls to avoid!

Watch the webinar below

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