Video: RSI Or Psych?

Some of the moves we’ve seen recently have brought into focus a topic which I often get questions about, and that is dealing with weakness in RSI, namely the false readings we can often see in trending markets.

In this video I take a look at a comparison of the classic RSI indicator with  own Psychology indicator  to show you just how effective Psychology can be in avoiding the downfalls of trading with RSI and answer the question RSI or Psych?


We actually modelled some basic parameters in RSI to give you an overview of the results over 10 years if you were looking to buy when RSI is oversold and sell when RSI is overbought – Check out that article here

Order Flow Trader works really well as a filter for RSI and if you look to combine RSI divergence at key support & resistance levels using OFT as an entry you can quickly develop a solid trading strategy – Check out the video here

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