Why You Need A Forex Trading Course

Needle In A Haystack

There is no doubt that the internet has totally democratised the world of Forex trading and opened the field up to a vast amount of people that would have otherwise never had the opportunity to get involved in this fascinating profession. The proliferation of on-line brokerage accounts, trading platforms and educational resources has made Forex trading accessible to every one with an internet connection and if you wish to learn how to trade you need only fire up your favourite search engine and make your selection.

However, there in lies the problem.With such a wealth of material on-line and so many different avenues to wander down on your quest for Forex knowledge, how do you know you are following the right path?

The decision to follow your own path and attempt to learn to trade by yourself can leave you totally stranded sifting through endless amounts of content on-line without any proper direction and structure. Most new traders fall fowl of the “finger buffet” type mentality whereby instead of approaching their Forex education in a considered and organised manner they simply try a little bit of everything and never explore any aspect in enough depth to make it worthwhile. This is not the only problem!

Whilst there are many fantastic educational resources on-line, there is also no shortage of false promises and fast-money scams catering to the uninformed visions of those who think that Forex trading will make them a millionaire over night.

Beware of indicators and EA’s which promise insane returns, holy grail trading strategies that never lose and courses which promise to have you trading Forex in a matter of weeks (having first handed over an extortionate amount of money). Indeed, the on-line world of Forex trading is one that needs to be carefully navigated and approached with some common sense.

A field such as Forex trading which involves such huge global institutions and the exchange of stratospheric amounts of capital on a daily basis is not to be taken lightly, nor is it to be mastered in one day or with one single tool. As with anything else requiring the mastery of knowledge, the best approach you can take is to be ambitious and hard working and follow a structured and methodical learning plan that covers every aspect of the subject from the very basics right the way through to the most advanced topics.

You need a Forex Trading Course. A proper one.

At Littlefish we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, distinguished material that at all times has the trader (or soon to be trader) in mind. We have seen countless courses that offer the same narrow topic range discussed in a shallow and non-useful manner. Many courses skip the basics, the foundations which must be learned first, and skip towards “teaching” you the methods purportedly used to trade profitably.

Our Forex Trading course contains over 24 carefully curated chapters designed to teach you absolutely everything you need to know about Forex trading, from the very basics of what the Foreign Exchange market is and who is involved and why, all the way up to teaching you the advanced order flow techniques and indicator methods that we incorporate in our algorithmic fund employing large amounts of investor capital on a daily basis.

Our Forex Trading course provides insightful, thoughtful and actionable content in a simple yet effective manner across three levels of knowledge base to ensure that at all times you are learning in a comfortable yet thought provoking manner. The course doesn’t rush through subjects, yet explores them fully so that you have completely grasped the content before moving on and the more difficult subjects are provided in a concise and effective style to give you the knowledge you need without overwhelming you unnecessarily. Each stage of the course is complete with trading strategies so that you can apply what you have learned directly t o the markets and monitor your progress as you expand your learning.

Complete with your own focus and hard work, our Forex Trading Course provides everything you need to to master the markets and all course purchases include not only our full range of indicators but also a 60 minute one-to-one with one of our team, with the option to extend private mentoring if you wish.


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