White Label Forex Content

Content is king. So make sure you leave it in capable hands.


Here at Littlefish FX, we provide bespoke content solutions for introducing brokers, money managers and white label brokers to allow your company to augment your client offerings.

From analysis to daily reports, educational material to instant signals, we can provide all manner of white label Forex content. We already provide for a number of companies, so much so that you’ve probably come across our re-branded material before, without realising it came from pro traders and top writers at Littlefish FX.

So while you concentrate on attracting clients and increasing sales, why not add regular, unique and professional content to your offering. As examples, we can provide the following so you don’t have to:


Daily Analysis Reports including:

  • Key Technicals, general support/resistance and our own in-house models including proprietary order flow systems
  • Charts covering all currency pairs, marked up with key levels indicators
  • News Releases and risk events for the current or upcoming period. Understand what will move the market and when
  • Day Trading Strategy for each requested currency pair based on our own models, or specific strategies (breakout/Scalping etc…)
  • Delivered before London Open

Weekly Analysis Reports:

  • Focused on key themes for the week ahead, key levels and potential trade ideas
  • Can cover key weekly themes such as Order Book or Commitment of Traders for swing or position trading
  • Trade ideas, themes or trade options for the week to help you and your team plan ahead

Delivery: Analysis can be delivered by RSS capture or through a dedicated web service.


Add an additional dimension to the analysis and include our very own trading strategy and signals either based off of one of our underlying systems or from our very own prop trading desk.

  • Choice of several Littlefish FX systems, with the ability to alter the risk profile and frequency for each to meet your specific requirements
  • Daily signals and trade suggestions from our in-house proprietary trading team

Delivery: Via external signal system of your choosing using either MT4 or NinjaTrader platforms (we are able to provide a signal system at additional cost).


Help your customers learn to trade for themselves and hook in new users with our white label educational course, tailored to traders of all skillset and experience – from new to veteran traders. Our 20 chapter course can be completely rebranded to include your logos, brand colours and bespoke styling.

Delivery: We provide the course in full as PDF and Word documents, allowing you to amend, publish and deliver to your customers as you see fit.


Our range of market-leading Forex indicators and trading widgets can be licensed, rebranded and re-named to help your customers with their trading strategies and boost profit-taking opportunities.

Available indicators:

•    MT4 to NinjaTrader Bridge
Provides ability to mirror trades on one platform to the other. Used by professional trading groups.
•    Pin Bar Indicator
Price action trading system focused on highlighting potential Pin Bar setups on your chart.
•    COT Indicator
Working from the weekly Commitment of Traders Report, follow the banks in market positioning.
•    Psych Indicator
Trend trading system, best used with basic candlestick patterns or support & resistance trading
•    Order Flow Trader
Combines order flow techniques with trend techniques and translates them into a simple display
•    Order Flow Volume & Delta Suite
Provides the power of bank trading for the retail trader.

Platforms & Licensing: We are able to provide indicators for NinjaTrader, MetaStock & MT4. Other platforms will be considered on request. Licensing operates trading platform independent and we can provide a white label interface system to distribute individual licenses.


We can deliver all of these – and more – with various options in order to personalise for your own brand and design:

  • LFX branded or white labelled (add your own corporate branding)
  • Multiple deliver options such as PDF, Email, XML, web service and more so that we can fully integrate our delivery into your site/company/operations
  • Choice of platforms (NinjaTrader, MetaStock MT4, Reuters), so that our analysis aligns to the platforms you and your customers use
  • Subscription service support, integrating online payment subscription services

Interested? Contact us for a quote.

If you’d like to speak to us about any of the above, or discuss your own unique requirements, please drop us an email at editor@littlefishfx.com